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Midpoints in Astrology


 The following are essential understandings of midpoints. Remember that there are various implications for every midpoint. Be that as it may, these can fill in as a basic rule. While this page shows the implications of midpoints alone, the possible significance of midpoint pictures, which incorporates a third planet or point, can be found in the resulting pages.

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Midpoint Pictures in Astrology


  • Basic implications of each point
  • Midpoint Pictures with the Midheaven
  • Midpoint Pictures with the Ascendant
  • Midpoint Pictures with the Sun
  • Midpoint Pictures with the Moon
  • Midpoint Pictures with Mercury
  • Midpoint Pictures with Venus
  • Midpoint Pictures with Mars
  • Midpoint Pictures with Jupiter
  • Midpoint Pictures with Saturn
  • Midpoint Pictures with Uranus


Basic implications of each point


  • MC (Midheaven) The spirit of the local as such, the supposed “self-image,” hence the main point In the horoscope. The “I,” the otherworldly. Scholarly and social Impressions. The moment, the occasion.
  • AS (Ascendant) Acquaintances. Associations inside the environmental elements. The spot.
  • SO (Sun) The body, the physical being.
  • MO (Moon) Female people. The general population. Alterable things. The hour.
  • ME (Mercury) Movement. The substance of reasoning. Thought. News. Origination. Assessment. Statement.
  • VE (Venus) Peace. Kindness. Help. Tendency. Love. Want. Feeling.
  • Mama (Mars) Impulse. Resolve—the will. Choice. Action. To do. Achievement (mechanical kind).
  • JU (Jupiter) Gaiety. Satisfaction and bliss, Good karma, money, achievement.
  • SA (Saturn) Restriction. To harness. To thwart. Partitions. Misfortunes.
  • UR (Uranus) Suddenness.
  • NE (Neptune) Deceptions. Misfortunes. Disintegrations.
  • PL (Pluto) Inner change. Discernment. Change. Advancement. Transformations. Immediate past.


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