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All of us have guardian angels, spirit guides or personal protectors who communicate with us. If you are a skeptic, I’m sure that sounds like a pretty heavy promise, but I assure you… after close to 15 years of studying spiritual experiences of all types, angelic messages of one type of another happen to be the amongst the most common.

For example?

In most NDE experiences, or people who come close to death and “return” to talk about it, the 2 MOST common features are:

Seeing a bright, beautiful, blissful, warm and welcoming light

and –

Seeing loved ones that you’ve lost that have crossed who meet you either in that light, or ARE the light, and express a message to you that it’s not your time… and you must return to your body to fulfill your purpose.

It’s interesting to me, as someone who has spoken directly with over 1000 + Near Death Experiencers, how these 2 things are the most memorable, and the things that most people who have HAD the experience, claim they are most looking forward to when it IS their time to cross. (seeing the light, and seeing their angels and spirit guides and loved ones on the other side)

One of the most common questions we get about angelic communication is, HOW do they communicate? Do they just show up and reveal themselves, or are there more subtle, spiritual hints that they are around you?

The answer is, a bit of both. 833 angel number

While some people DO have these extraordinary meetings or experiences with angels and guides, often called STE’s (for spiritually transformative experiences)
or even loved ones who have passed (often called ADC’s for after death communications) the MOST common ways they communicate are very ordinary and earthly.

1 – Through creative exercises like automatic writing. For example, in modern times, the famous book “A Course in Miracles” was channeled, over a number of years, through Helen Schucman, who basically just transcribed what she said the angels and guides were telling her. (many other great pieces of both art and literature have been created the same way)

2 – Through non ordinary states of awareness. Many angelic appearances happen in dream states, or when you are between dreaming and waking up, often called the “hypnagogic” state, where the mind or consciousness may be less constricted by it’s ordinary fears and focus. (or of course, as some skeptics would argue, the mind is less awake and may be more prone to “seeing things” – although from personal experience, I know this isn’t the case in MANY angelic encounters)

3 – Communicating through intuitives, energy workers, psychics, mediums and people who are more spiritually sensitive.

In the end, the very BEST way to get evidence that angels are real, and that they DO have a message for YOU is to seek them out, open your mind, and let your life come ALIVE with magic, mystery and meaning!


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